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Goals for my own business
11/3/2012 5:06:17 PM

I realized I've negleted my blog lately.  Not because I haven't been working on my writing, just that life has gotten in the way.  In my "About Michelle" page, I mentioned that I work at a local ice rink.  Usually I'm the type of person to hide in the background and only share details with people I know.  This is not the way to build a customer base for a web writing and marketing business.  I'm the scorekeeper coordinator at the Plano Dr Pepper StarCenter for the hockey leagues.  The building was closed for a year due to a bad foundation under both sheets of ice and the health of our skaters was in jeopardy.  During that year all but one of my scorekeeping staff moved on to other jobs.  Hiring and training 11 new people and helping to get the Fall/Winter hockey season under way.  I love this job.  I love the sport.  And I love helping new players learn the ins and outs of the game. 

While watching games and going about my job, I've realized I need to have a better focus on my writing career too.  I've started making myself more notes in my calendar to help meet deadlines.  I have sticky notes lining the face of the shelf above my computer with motivational messages and where to find resource materials.  I'm going to streamline my writing career like I have my scorekeeping career.

November is known in the writing world as "National Write Your Novel Month".  Non-fiction authors have since come up with their own plans to write their non-fiction books in a month's time.  Bloggers have banned together to work to write a blog a day.  Poets are writing a poem a day.

November will be my month to finish work for my first few clients as well as the time I complete my goal of writing The Official Hockey Scorekeepers' Handbook.

What are your goals for November?

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