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Be Prepared
1/6/2013 9:13:47 PM

"Be Prepared", the motto of the Scouts.

My fun job is being the scorekeeper cooridinator at the Plano DPSC for hockey games.  It always amazes me when coaches and team managers don't have a roster ready to turn into us.  Part of being prepared for a game is telling the scorekeeper who's in or out so that game stats can be given to the correct player.

One night while scorekeeping and trying to figure out who's on the bench, I asked myself if I would be prepared when a new client comes to me.  I've since started doing a lot of marketing research as to the kinds of questions I need to ask, what answers I need to listen for in return, and what questions and answers might be asked of me.

Have you done your homework for you?  Are you prepared?

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