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Questions that I will ask during the consultation meeting:
What is your marketing budget for this project? ** The budget must be set before any planning can be done. It would be a waste of time to plan a grandious marketing scheme and then find there's only enough in the budget to do 1/10th of the planning. Even on the smallest of budgets, I can find a way to reach your customers.

How do you reach your customers now? ** Do you use brochures, newspaper ads, mailers, postcards? Let's go over what works for your business already and see if it can be incorporated into the plan for your website.

Have you looked at your competitors' websites or advertising? What do you like? What don't you like? ** When you provide me with these answers, it'll best help me to create a site or marketing plan to make you stand out from the crowd.

Schedule a consultation meeting with me. The first consultation meetings are free for potential clients. Contact me at michellekellycopywriter@gmail.com to set up a day and time.

**** Disclaimer ****  Prices will never be listed on this site.  Each service will be catered to your companies needs, some will be smaller packages then others.  All prices will be sent in quote form after the consultation meeting as taken place.


WelcomeNews and EventsServicesBlogAbout MichelleContact MeFeedback