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October, 2012
February, 2013
Hooked on Hockey Magazine

I grew up watching NHL hockey and am currently in my eighth year working for the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Plano as a scorekeeper, with the pat five years adding scorekeeper cooridinator to my title.

January 2013, the NHL ended a lockout, and Hooked on Hockey Magazine posted they were looking for contributors to their online hockey magazine. After several emails, I was offered the position to contributor of Dallas Stars news. I enjoyed catching up on the latest NHL news and the best part was my young daughter watched the games with me.  However, as the NHL season was chugging along at a fast past, so was the growing unsporstmanship at the local youth league games. 

I ended my term as a Hooked on Hockey Magazine writer so that I can work with others to find a solution to the bad attitudes surrounding our youth hockey leagues. More on that mission in a later post.  For now, I want to provide you with the links to my Dallas Stars articles and to this great online hockey magazine.






I hope you enjoy the articles. If you are a hockey fan, be sure to follow Hooked on Hockey Magazine on FaceBook and Twitter for more great articles.  And I will be back soon with news of my new endeavors in the youth hockey community.

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