Michelle Kelly Copywriter
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Evaluating Websites
Nonfiction book editor
Social Media Consultant
Website to bring you more informed customers.

A website can be as little as a few pages of written words or as big as the imagination filled with photos and videos to support the words.  The sky is the limit and together we can make your business dreams soar.  I can work with you to break the big picture down into smaller steps.  For more information, click Evaluating Websites.

Editing for the Nonfiction book author who dreams of seeing their work in print.

Are you a nonfiction book author searching for an extra set of eyes to review your book before it is released to the world? I would be happy to be those extra eyes, click Nonfiction book editor.

Social Media Consultant to help you interact with your customers.

Does the blitz of Social Media logos everywhere leave you confused?  If you want to enter the social media world, we'll work together to find the best fit and set-up for your company's goals.  For more information, click Social Media Consultant.


WelcomeNews and EventsServicesBlogAbout MichelleContact MeFeedback